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Award Winning Project

We were privileged to part of the design of Iona College Brisbane Multi-Purpose Sporting Facility where we assisted the innovative Conrad Gargett team on completing the electrical, mechanical and lift engineering design. This design included CFD modelling (image below) which enables us to realistically simulate air flows within the project space in advance. As a result, we can accurately predict where deficiencies in the HVAC system may occur such as drafts, high pressure drop and poor air distribution. Super important in such facilities like this.

The ‘Grand’ indoor college facility seats 2,500 and consists of 2 basketball courts, 2 volleyball courts, perimeter running track, gym, changing rooms, a commercial kitchen, staff rooms and general learning areas.

The 'Cherry on Top' was seeing the builders Tomkins Commercial take home the Master Builders Queensland Brisbane Award for Sporting Facilities. Very well-deserved and congrats to everyone involved.


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