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• Exchanging more meaningful information

• Stimulate more precise accuracy for creative design

• Virtual workshops streamline                co-ordination

• Live clash detection close out items before they potentially become issues onsite. We have used this to great effect on our projects

• Shared BIM building knowledge between our experienced team and others

• Real life 3D modelling within the working space

• Giving end users greater insight to behind the scenes design

Revit / Coordination

BSI has developed the business toward utilising Revit modelling in conjunction with AutoCAD 2D documentation. We are pleased to offer Revit as part of our core business and have industry leading expertise in the customisation and use of Revit.


BSI utilises Revit for 3D modelling and design on all projects where applicable. This extends to clash detection and coordination via Navisworks. We are capable of modelling up to LOD 300 (as per BIMFORUM 2013 LOD Specification) and are BIM capable up to 5D.

As part of our day to day operations, the BSI team has found many aspects of Revit electrical and mechanical services design, playing a more significant part of the engineering process. Our time is now spent more efficiently during the concept and design phases and reducing the time spent fixing coordination issues during construction.

We see these key drivers for the adoption of Revit M & E which takes services design beyond just 2D drafting;

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