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NIOA Canberra project complete!

Project by Kirk, Photo by NIOA

BSI worked closely with Kirk Architects to deliver the new fitout for NIOA. BSI were engaged to provide Electrical, Mechanical & Hydraulic services design for the project. The team worked closely with Kirk to refine the design concept to ensure the project met all parties expectations.

Lighting played an important part of the project. Being a reasonably small fitout a combination of lighting concepts were used to create the perception of space & zones within the 'open plan' layout.

Ambient & Accent lighting was used throughout. Ambient wall washing provided ambient diffused light while accent lighting to the board room table & workstations created visual hierarchy within the spaces. Feature 'bullet' like pendants were also used to link in with NIOA's role in defense industry.

Congratulations to everyone involved.

Head over to NIOA's website below for a recent article on the grand opening!

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